Napoleon Sports & Casino is one of the first Belgian based operators in casino games and sportsbetting to successfully implement itsme® into its platform. With itsme®, players can verify their identity in a simple and secure way. 

“We love to make life easy for our players and itsme® is a great solution,” says CEO Tim De Borle. “When a mandatory identity check is required, itsme® makes it a piece of cake. 

With itsme® (= It’s me) you prove immediately who you say you are. The app is extremely safe, easy to use and respects data privacy. More than 2 million Belgians already use the app. 

The Belgium Gaming Commission (BGC) is also in favor of the use of itsme®. “The link with the national register means that the player is optimally protected. That’s of the greatest importance for us. We focus on safe and responsible gaming, ”says Tim De Borle. 
“We continue to invest in processes to optimize player verification. itsme® also has a positive impact on the workload of our customer service. They don’t have to process documents if itsme® was used.” 

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