Napoleon Games Grand Casino has multiple halls and is therefore suitable for marriages, seminaries or parties.

Kroonluchter Hall

The Kroonluchterhall is the entrance hall. It is a beautiful hall with the world’s biggest Venetian Chrystal chandelier. The Kroonluchterhall has two floors, both with a bar. This hall is perfectly suited for receptions.

Large Banquet Hall

The large banquet hall has a maximum capacity of 750 people. It has a big stage and a dance floor. This hall is perfectly suited for a seated dinner with a dance party or act afterwards.

Magritte Hall

The Magritte hall  is probably the greatest asset of Napoleon Games Grand Casino. This hall is decorated with hand-painted frescoes of René Margritte. Next to the Magritte hall is the Flemish hall which is often used as a lounge or small meeting room.


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